Work Vocabulary – Part 5

English Listening Practice Work Vocabulary

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Work Vocabulary

This is the final part of a 5-part series helping you understand and use new English vocabulary right away while listening to naturally spoken English. This entire series on English Work Vocabulary has 25 vocabulary words with English explanations, and you can find the entire series here: Work Vocabulary Series

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.

Here are the Free Transcripts:
Full Transcripts for 25 English Work Vocabulary Dialogues

Notes from the Audio Files

Be Your Own Boss

  • Set my own schedule – create my own schedule
  • Kick myself up the bum – motivate myself ** really informal

How to use it:
“Sometimes I sit and daydream about being my own boss rather than sitting here working for someone else.”
“If I were my own boss, I could set my own hours and work when and where I want.”

Cushy Job

  • Repetitive – always the same
  • Hard to get sacked – difficult to get fired / lose your job
  • Nobody gave a shit – no one cared at all **Informal

How to use it:
“I think I’d actually get a bit bored in a cushy job. I need a challenge to keep me motivated.”
“I landed this really cush job, I only work 20 hours a week, and I barely do anything.

High-Powered Job

  • Glamorous – exciting and luxurious

How to use it:
“He’s got a really high-powered job in the city now. He was even in the newspaper last week.”
“I’d be terrified to have a high-powered position in the company, they must be under a ton of pressure.”

Team Player

  • The motivator – the person who provides the motivation for others
  • Dominant – commanding or in-charge, controlling,
  • Bring/Take up the slack – do the extra work at your own expense
  • The end goal – the target

How to use it:
“I can always count on Brian to help me out, he’s a team-player.”
“Brenda’s a terrible team player, she rarely shows up for our group meetings and always has terrible excuses.”

Well-Paid Job

How to use it:
“A lot of graduates expect to land in a well-paid job straight away.”
“Her priorities include finding a well-paying job and a 2 bedroom apartment downtown.”

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