Social Media Vocabulary Part 5

Social Media Vocabulary - English Internet Slang

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Social Media Vocabulary – Internet Slang

English Internet Slang & Abbreviations

Before we begin, let’s define NSFW as in, Not Safe For Work, we don’t really recommend this page if you’re at work as there are some abbreviations with swear words. Also, this isn’t advanced, per se, more for fun! 


Not Safe For Work

Something that is labeled NSFW probably contains profanity or it has pictures or video that are not appropriate for work. It’s usually used in article headlines like this one:


Lolllllll / lololol

Same as lol, but funnier


“Laughing my ass off”, funnier than lol, sometimes written as lmaooooooo

lulz/ lolz

Same as lol, but a little funnier. She deserves all the lulz (laughs) after that performance.


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I’m crying


…from laughter, not sadness.


In my honest/humble opinion, In my opinion. Just an easy way to let everyone know that you’re giving your honest opinion.


I don’t know. Also, I dunno.


Seriously? Really? For real? When you’re pretty surprised by something someone did.




#tbt Throwback Thursday. Post an old picture on Thursday on Instagram.

#tbt to when I was on the beach last month, now it’s cold and rainy, and I’m stuck inside.




No Problem.


No Big Deal. Similar to No Problem, but usually pretty sarcastic.


“Before Anyone Else” most people just use to mean babe or your boyfriend or girlfriend.



“I’m trying to” – You can say this and write this phrase. It’s normally used when something isn’t easy:  “Tryna remember what happened last night lol”.



“I’m going to…” It’s mainly used in a happy or excited way.

“Imma be there in 10 mins, can’t wait to see you!”

“Imma let you finish” is also an older internet meme used when you’re interrupting someone to tell them something you think is more important.


‘AF’ stands for ‘As f**k’ and it means ‘very’ or ‘totally’. In the example below, ‘Broke AF’ means ‘completely broke’ or ‘totally broke’. You can use it with virtually any adjective. It’s versatile AF.



IG is an abbreviation of Instagram. “Follow me on IG” is often written in comments, or it indicates an Instagram account. People might also give you their Instagram account name and simply say: “My IG is _____”

FB page / FB Live

Social Media Vocabulary: Advanced English Vocabulary by Topic

Your English Internet Slang  vocab is gonna be big AF, srsly.


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