Social Media Vocabulary: English Facebook Vocabulary

Social Media Vocabulary and English Facebook Vocabulary

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Social Media Vocabulary: Facebook

Learn English Facebook Vocabulary

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A great way to expand your English Facebook vocabulary is to change your Facebook to English and play around with it. English Social Media Vocabulary has become an important part of our daily lives, and we love talking about it with friends! From checking your news feed to getting likes on the pictures you posted, it’s great to be able to talk about it in English with confidence! Today you’ll find 5 English Facebook vocabulary terms that we talk about for about 60 seconds each. You’ll learn lots of new vocabulary for your social media account, so we hope you love it!

Notes from the Audio Files

News Feed

  • I’ve gotten into a bad habit: I’ve started doing something bad for me
  • I get on Facebook: I look at Facebook
  • Check my notifications: Look at any new likes, comments or birthday reminders
  • Scroll down: Look down the page, using your finger or mouse
  • Selfies: Pictures of yourself
  • Links: URLs to other websites
  • Videos automatically play: The video plays without you touching anything, or without pressing the ‘play button’

How to use it:
“The more I scroll through my news feed, the more I realize I need to get some actual work done.”

“Nowadays the most popular Facebook stories go the top of my news feed, it’s hard to miss the news.”


  • Verb: I clicked the like button. “I liked it on Facebook” “I liked most of your posts on Facebook”
  • Noun: “I have a lot of likes on Facebook.” “That picture got thousands of likes!”
  • Opened up a page: Start a new page
  • Followers: People who sign up to follow and see new posts from you instantly
  • Avid likers: People who like every post they see
  • Scrolling down the page: Looking down the page, using your finger on the screen or mouse

How to use it:
“Well, I had liked his page, but I stopped following it, because he posted about 15 times a day.”

“One guy I know posted a rant on Facebook and it ended up getting about 5,000 likes and got shared around quite a lot.”

Pictures: Tag, Post, Take a Selfie

  • Hanging out: Spending time with your friends
  • Check in: Post where you are on Facebook, (usually airports, landmarks, restaurants or stadiums)
  • Take a selfie: Take a picture of yourself
  • Tag your friend in it: Post on Facebook who you are with
  • A selfie-taker: A person who enjoys taking selfies
  • Open my facebook: Start or click on Facebook
  • Auto-tag: Automatically tag someone using face-recognition technology

How to use it:
“Come take a selfie with me! No, I won’t post that one it looks awful. Don’t tag me in that!”

“Could you tag me in those pictures when you post them on Facebook? I want to show my family the view from the mountain.”

Live Streaming

  • Features: Different functions and uses of Facebook
  • On the app: On the application on your phone
  • Film yourself: Record yourself
  • Broadcast it: Share the video live to the world
  • Streaming content live: Showing the video live
  • The comments (section): At the bottom of the page, where you can write comments about the broadcast
  • Leave a comment: Post or write a comment
  • The cast: Short for ‘Broadcast’
  • Shoot to the top: Go to the very top, very quickly
  • Going live: Starting the broadcast (instead of just posting a recorded video)
  • Top stories: A feature where Facebook chooses the highest trending and most popular posts, so you see them first.

How to use it:
“I don’t really live stream anything, my life doesn’t seem that interesting.”

“I was in the food court at a mall once and searched for people live streaming nearby. This lady was broadcasting herself eating her lunch. I looked up and she was sitting at the table across from me!”

Add Me On Facebook

  • Stay in touch: keep in contact, talk often
  • Accept that friend request: Allow someone to see your full social media profile
  • Platform: social media website, or app
  • Private message: a message only two of you can see and use
  • Post it on my wall: Write a message on my front page or public profile page
  • App: ‘Application’

How to use it:
“It was so good to see you! Are we friends on facebook? I’ll add you right now!”

“Yeah add me on Facebook! Search for my name, and I’m the one taking the selfie with a samurai. You’ll find me.”

Social Media Vocabulary: Advanced English Vocabulary by Topic

Social Media Vocabulary: Advanced English Vocabulary by Topic

Social media vocabulary seems to be everywhere nowadays! We hope you enjoyed our post on Facebook Vocab, and we hope you’ll continue learning with everything we have on the site. Thanks for visiting!

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