Personality Vocabulary – Part 1

English Listening Practice Personality Vocabulary

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Personality Vocabulary

This is the 1st of a 5-part listening series on Personality. We’re hoping you’ll feel comfortable using these new words and phrases right away.

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
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Notes from the Audio Files


  • Cultures and traditions
  • Right and wrong – black and white – yes and no
  • Straightforward – direct, to the point
  • Make an assumption – take a guess about something before you get all the information
  • Tolerant of someone/something: slightly negative, accepting an opinion/idea/person but probably not liking it.

How to use it:
“We have no idea what to expect, so it’s important that we stay open-minded.”
“He’s always open to new ideas, he’s probably the most open-minded guy on our team.”


  • Being indecisive: can’t make a decision
  • He’d be like “…” : he would say “…”
  • Not everything goes to plan: not everything follows the plan
  • Take it as it comes: solve problems as they arrive not before
  • Not make a fuss: not bring attention to a problem

How to use it:
“He said he doesn’t mind where we go this weekend, he’s very easy-going.”
“A lot of things can change at the last second, so only sign up for it if you can be easy-going.”


  • An extrovert: a person / to be extroverted: an adjective
  • Introverted : the oppposite
  • Hanging around: spending time with
  • Hostel: cheap accommodation for travelers
  • Count on someone: depend on them

How to use it:
“He’s definitely an extrovert. Always in the middle of the group, telling jokes and making everyone laugh.”
“I’m not really that extroverted. I prefer to just share a bottle of wine with some close friends at home.”


  • Straight away: instantly
  • To have a laugh: Laugh with someone, play a joke
  • High pitched voice
  • Perky: energetic
  • Approachable: welcoming, friendly, non-threatening

How to use it:
“My mother is so bright and bubbly, she always makes you feel welcome and wants to get to you know you.”
“Having such a bubbly person in the office really makes a difference, even her smile makes everyone’s day a little bit easier.”

Playing Host/Hostess

  • Forte: strong suit: something you’re good at
  • Topped up on: filled up, full, to add more
  • BYOB: bring your own bottle/booze

How to use it:
“Rule number 1 of playing host? Keep everyone’s drinks filled to the brim!”
“I always enjoy playing hostess. You get to talk to everyone at the party, make them feel at home and give them everything they need to have a great time.”

I’m sure you’re amazing and totally in control of your own studying, but if you happened to get a little confused, please comment below and we’d love to help!

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