Health Vocabulary Part 2

English Listening Practice Health Vocabulary 2

Advanced ESL listening Practice for Adults Health Vocabulary 2

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Health Vocabulary

Feeling pretty terrible right about now. This week’s series is aimed at Health Vocabulary, and today, we’re talking about being sick. Feel better soon!

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
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Notes from the Audio Files

Wiped Out

  • Recoup: recuperate, recover
  • Useless: Not useful
  • Power through: continue, carry on through something difficult
  • Recovering: healing

How to use it:
“After my surgery, I was wiped out for at least 2 days, I barely remember any of it.”
“Food poisoning completely wiped me out. I couldn’t leave the house for about a week.”

Stuffed up / Bunged Up

  • Bunged up: blocked nose – UK
  • Nasally: a sound resonating in the nose
  • Hay fever: pollen allergy
  • Pollen: powder found in flowers, usually yellow
  • Runny nose: opposite of stuffy nose
  • Nasal spray: spray for inside your nose
  • Clears me up: opens up my nasal passages
  • Decongestant: type of medicine that helps with stuffy noses
  • Non drowsy: doesn’t make you tired or sleepy
  • Dragging myself around: going very slowly due to a problem

How to use it:
“Every spring, I have to start taking allergy pills or I get really stuffed up from the pollen.”
“Everyone is a bit bunged up, so I brought some lemon tea into the office to help.”

Burning Up

  • Feeling feverish / got the chills
  • Feel it coming on: feeling the early signs of an illness
  • The chills: Feeling cold due to your sickness
  • Sweat out the fever: your body tries to cool down your fever by sweating
  • The sign of a fever: the symptoms of a fever

How to use it:
“Sweetie, there’s no way you’re going to school today, you’re burning up.”
“I feel like I’m burning up, my temperature is way over a hundred.”

Can’t Keep It Down

  • Food poisoning: A sickness caused by raw or rotten foods.
  • Raw: uncooked
  • Stomach bug: see below
  • Get rid of something: remove something
  • Sip water: drink water slowly

How to use it:
“I haven’t been about to keep anything down, everything makes me nauseous.”
“I tried to take some aspirin but I couldn’t even keep that down.”

A bug, stomach bug, 24 hour bug

  • Nauseous: feeling unwell, headache, unable to concentrate
  • 24 hour bug: A sickness that only lasts about a day
  • Picked up a bug at work: got sick from work
  • A stomach bug: an illness that affects your stomach
  • They have a bug

How to use it:
“I mean, I was sick all day Saturday, but by Sunday afternoon I was just fine. Must’ve been some 24-hour bug.”
“Chris can’t come into school today, he’s got a nasty tummy bug.”

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