Health Vocabulary Part 1

English Listening Practice Health Vocabulary 1

Advanced ESL listening Practice for Adults Health Vocabulary 1

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Health Vocabulary

I can’t believe I’m getting sick! This week’s series is aimed at Health Vocabulary, and today’s phrases talk about before you start feeling or getting sick. Feel better soon!

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
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Notes from the Audio Files

Feel Something Coming On

  • Coming down with something: starting to feel sick
  • I’m ‘about to’ get sick: The next thing that will happen is that I’ll be sick
  • Tickle in my throat: your throat is a little irritated
  • Nauseous: feeling sick to your stomach
  • Dragging: moving slowly
  • Getting sick: I’m becoming more and more sick.
  • Feel symptoms: feel the effects of a sickness or illness
  • Nip it in the bud: solve the problem before it can get worse

How to use it:
“I barely slept at all last night, and now I can definitely feel something coming on, I’m gonna grab some Nyquil and stay in tonight.”
“I think I’m just going to go home and go to sleep. I can feel something coming on.”

Something’s Going Around

  • A bug: casual term for a virus or bacteria
  • Germs: bad bacteria
  • Bound to pick something up: sure to catch a sickness
  • Get a letter home: get a letter ‘sent to’ your home
  • The flu’s going around / A cough’s going around: When multiple people have gotten the same illness at the same time
  • Makes the rounds: going around everybody
  • Narrow (it) down: reduce your options, make your choice easier

How to use it:
“Sorry you’re feeling so bad, there’s been something going around the office, I’m sure I’ll be next!”
“How are you feeling? Shannon and Mike both have the flu, I think there’s something going around the office.”

Got it from her/ She gave it to me

  • Pointing the finger: blaming someone
  • I got it (the sickness) from her: I caught the virus/bug from her
  • Taking care of someone: Helping someone feel or get better
  • After all I did for you: After I helped you!

How to use it:
“Well, Helen got it from her kid who got it from another kid at daycare. Seems no one is safe!”
“Kelly gave it to Liz who gave it to Ted who gave it to me – now the class only has about 3 healthy students in it!”

Makes You Susceptible to an Illness

  • Wrap up warm: Wear warm clothes
  • Lack of sleep: Not enough sleep
  • Run you down: makes you lose energy

How to use it:
“Since she just got over being sick, she’s still pretty susceptible to catching something again.”
“He’s approaching 90 years old, and the cold winters are making him more susceptible to illness.”

Take Some Time Off

  • Under the weather: feeling ill or sick
  • Recoup: recover (recuperate)
  • Take a sick day: Take a day off because you’re sick
  • Beat traffic: go home before or after traffic
  • Chug a little Nyquil: take some cough syrup
  • Spread a sickness: inject other people with your illness

How to use it:
“Hey boss, I’m really not feeling well today, I’m gonna go ahead and take the afternoon off.”
“I really need to take some time off to beat this illness. Otherwise I’ll just keep spreading it around.”

*Cough cough* Has anyone ever gotten you sick? Have you picked something up from school or the office? Let us know!


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