Free Time Vocabulary: Spending Time with Friends in English

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Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Free Time Vocabulary:
Spending Time with Friends in English

Spending time with friends is a great way to relax! Today we talk about being social in your time off, setting up playdates, hosting parties, or having a big night out. If you just need some alone time, we’ve got you covered too.

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Notes from the Audio Files

Going out

  • Get up to: what activities did you do
  • Meet up for drinks
  • Meet my friends up for lunch
  • Foodies: people who love food
  • Wine connoisseurs: professional wine people
  • Wine bars: bars that mostly serve wine
  • Get dressed up: wear something nice, put on makeup, do your hair
  • Have a night of it: Have as much fun as you can
  • Go clubbing: Go to a night club
  • Quieter ends of town: Less crowded parts of town
  • Anything going on nearby: Any event happening close by

How to use it:
“Every Friday my friends and I meet up for some drinks in the evening, it’s the perfect way to relax and it makes the weekend feel longer too.”
“I like our Thursday nights out! We usually meet up for happy hour then go and grab dinner, I look forward to it all week.”

Staying in

  • Go out or stay in?
  • Intend to do something: you plan to do something, but you don’t
  • Pre-game: Drink before you go to a club (to save money)
  • Atmosphere: mood or vibe of a party or place
  • Girls’ nights in: Girls only party
  • Play hostess: see link
  • Chill out: hang out with friends

How to use it:
“We just stayed in and watched the game on TV last weekend, nothing crazy.”
“I love hosting our monthly girl’s night in, everyone brings their own bottle of wine and we put on a movie and catch up.”

Party / Do

  • Throwing parties: if you throw a party, you’re hosting it
  • House parties: parties at someone’s house
  • VIP room: special room for special guests at clubs
  • BYOB: bring your own booze/beer alcohol
  • Signature cocktails: a single cocktail offered at a party
  • Cases of beer: large box of canned beer
  • Linked to occasions: Because of special occasions or moments
  • Leaving do’s: A party to celebrate someone leaving a job
  • Hen do, stag do: UK names for Bachelorette and Bachelor parties

How to use it:
“In high school we used to go to house parties pretty much every weekend, I miss those days!”
“We’re throwing a party next week, BYOB, we’ll provide the BBQ, you bring the booze.”


  • Set up a playdate: schedule a time to play
  • Dog park: an open area just for dogs and their owners
  • Got along: acted friendly
  • Both sets of parents: both pairs of parents

How to use it:
“My daughter has really come out of her shell since she started going on playdates. I’m really glad we started doing that.”
“Doggie playdates are the cutest! Glad we have great neighbors who are dog lovers, too.”

Me time/ Down time / A night in

  • Some “me” time: some time for me
  • Introvert: see link
  • Some down time: some time to be calm or not busy
  • See your friends a bunch: see you friends a lot

How to use it:
“I really just want some down time this weekend. Just me, a movie, wine and take out.”
“I just need a little me time this weekend, please don’t take it personally.”

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Stay in and listen to Kat and Mark talk to you in English – doesn’t that sound like the perfect night in? If you do still have any questions about talking about spending time with friends in English, please ask in the comments below!


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