Social Media Vocabulary: English YouTube Vocabulary

English Youtube Vocabulary for English Learners 3

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Social Media Vocabulary: English YouTube Vocabulary
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I love watching hilarious videos online. Sure, it wastes a lot of time, but sometimes, you can’t help but watch a viral video! To be fair, there’s a ton of videos and even more YouTube Vocabulary: vlogs from your favorite people, how-to videos to figure something out or learn something new, and don’t even get us started on all the English vocabulary for snapchat, reddit and IG! Have you snapped anyone lately? Listen to our advanced Social Media Vocabulary above, then check out the notes for lots of vocab to use in your next English conversation!

Notes from the Audio Files


  • A handful of videos: a small number of videos
  • Everything you can imagine: anything you can think of  
  • The front page: The first page of YouTube
  • Lyrics: words to a song
  • More hits: More search results
  • There’s a ton of that: There’s a lot of that
  • It pops up on my history: A video you watched in the past comes up on to your front page again.

How to use it:
“I subscribed to this awesome channel on Youtube all about filmmaking, you should check it out.”
“I dunno, I was binge watching a bunch of Youtube videos, and I completely forgot about texting you back.”

Types of Videos

  • A vlog: A video blog
  • She goes up on YouTube: She uploads a video on YouTube
  • Quite a following: She has quite a large number of followers of subscribers  
  • How To’s: instructional videos
  • I guarantee you: I bet, I strongly think there will be
  • We YouTubed: We search on YouTube
  • Workout videos: Exercise routine videos
  • Unboxing: Taking a new product out of it’s packaging and filming it
  • How to use it:
    “Why pay to go to an exercise class? I can just youtube ‘how to exercise without leaving the house’.”
    “I youtubed some new exercises I want to try at the gym, it’s useful to see how it’s supposed to be done in video instead of just pictures.”


  • I won’t snap them back: I won’t send them a Snapchat in reply
  • The filters: A way to alter the picture to make it look better, funnier, or completely different  
  • Snapping ourselves: Taking pictures of ourselves with Snapchat  
  • Screenshot it: Take a screenshot with our phones  

How to use it:
“You don’t have Snapchat, do you? It’s alright, I’ll just screenshot my pictures for you.”
“Why don’t you ever snap me back? I send you the cutest snaps, and you don’t even open them!”


  • An upvote: A supporting, or approving vote, similar to a ‘Like’ on Facebook
  • Subreddits: categories dedicated to one topic on Reddit
  • It’s a real mix: a large and varied collection of things

How to use it:
“I like browsing Reddit for interesting articles, but there are some many in-jokes on Reddit I can barely understand the comments sometimes.”
“I’m just not into the Reddit scene, I get sucked into reading the comments, and I never make it past the first page.”


  • Keep up with my friends: See what my friends have been doing recently
  • Double-tap: Tap twice with your finger or thumb
  • I’m looking to waste some time: I don’t have anything to do, or I don’t want to do anything
  • Search bar: A section at the top of the screen where you can type your interests in
  • Never-ending stream of pictures:  an endless collection of photos and images
  • Memes: Internet jokes
  • Get sucked in: Be unable to stop, you can’t stop scrolling

How to use it:
“I dunno if I like that picture. No biggie, I’ve got some great filters on Instagram I can use.”
“How was your trip to Mexico? I saw the pictures on Instagram, it looked amazing!”

Side note: One of our super awesome listeners asked about the word “biggie” in the example sentence above: It’s always with the word “no” so, “No biggie” stays together. It’s a short, informal phrase that means “No big deal” or “No problem” and is really easy to use in casual conversation with friends, especially as a response to “Thanks”



Social Media Vocabulary: Advanced English Vocabulary by Topic Social Media Vocabulary: Advanced English Vocabulary by Topic

What sort of YouTube videos do you watch? Are you into Snapchat and Instagram? Hope you enjoyed this advanced English vocab lesson on Social Media, come back soon!


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