Social Media Vocabulary Part 4

English Youtube Vocabulary for English Learners 3

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English YouTube Vocabulary

English YouTube Vocabulary

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Notes from the Audio Files


  • A handful of videos: a small number of videos  
  • Everything you can imagine: anything you can think of  
  • The front page: The first page of YouTube
  • Lyrics: words to a song
  • More hits: More search results
  • There’s a ton of that: There’s a lot of that  
  • It pops up on my history: A video you watched in the past comes up on to your front page again.

How to use it:
“I subscribed to this awesome channel on Youtube all about filmmaking, you should check it out.”
“I dunno, I was binge watching a bunch of Youtube videos, and I completely forgot about texting you back.”

Types of Videos

  • A vlog: A video blog
  • She goes up on YouTube: She uploads a video on YouTube
  • Quite a following: She has quite a large number of followers of subscribers  
  • How To’s: instructional videos
  • I guarantee you: I bet, I strongly think there will be
  • We YouTubed: We search on YouTube
  • Workout videos: Exercise routine videos
  • Unboxing: Taking a new product out of it’s packaging and filming it

How to use it:
“Why pay to go to an exercise class? I can just youtube ‘how to exercise without leaving the house’.”
“I youtubed some new exercises I want to try at the gym, it’s useful to see how it’s supposed to be done in video instead of just pictures.”


  • I won’t snap them back: I won’t send them a Snapchat in reply
  • The filters: A way to alter the picture to make it look better, funnier, or completely different  
  • Snapping ourselves: Taking pictures of ourselves with Snapchat  
  • Screenshot it: Take a screenshot with our phones  

How to use it:
“You don’t have Snapchat, do you? It’s alright, I’ll just screenshot my pictures for you.”
“Why don’t you ever snap me back? I send you the cutest snaps, and you don’t even open them!”


  • An upvote: A supporting, or approving vote, similar to a ‘Like’ on Facebook
  • Subreddits: categories dedicated to one topic on Reddit
  • It’s a real mix: a large and varied collection of things

How to use it:
“I like browsing Reddit for interesting articles, but there are some many in-jokes on Reddit I can barely understand the comments sometimes.”
“I’m just not into the Reddit scene, I get sucked into reading the comments, and I never make it past the first page.”


  • Keep up with my friends: See what my friends have been doing recently
  • Double-tap: Tap twice with your finger or thumb
  • I’m looking to waste some time: I don’t have anything to do, or I don’t want to do anything
  • Search bar: A section at the top of the screen where you can type your interests in
  • Never-ending stream of pictures:  an endless collection of photos and images
  • Memes: Internet jokes
  • Get sucked in: Be unable to stop, you can’t stop scrolling

How to use it:
“I dunno if I like that picture. No biggie, I’ve got some great filters on Instagram I can use.”
“How was your trip to Mexico? I saw the pictures on Instagram, it looked amazing!”

Side note: One of our super awesome listeners asked about the word “biggie” in the example sentence above: It’s always with the word “no” so, “No biggie” stays together. It’s a short, informal phrase that means “No big deal” or “No problem” and is really easy to use in casual conversation with friends, especially as a response to “Thanks”

What sort of videos do you watch? Are you into Snapchat and Instagram?


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