Advanced English Social Media Vocabulary: Haters and Trolls

Advanced English Social Media Vocabulary for English Learners 3

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Advanced English Social Media Vocabulary: the Problems

English Social Media Vocabulary

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Social Media can be frustrating, between the trolls and haters and the fake news, how are we supposed to enjoy all the lovely English video lessons and cute cat memes?? Check out our advanced English listening clips at the top if the page, and don’t forget to scroll down for some notes for some of the more advanced English Social media vocabulary. We try to clear up any questions, but if you have any more, don’t forget to comment down at the bottom of the page!

Notes from the Audio Files


  • A jerk: A rude or hostile person
  • Making fun of someone: Making jokes about someone else, usually in a mean way
  • A bully: Someone who starts fights with other people
  • Pick a fight: Start a fight
  • Sarcasm: Making a comment which has the opposite meaning of the words written in the text
  • Don’t feed the trolls: Don’t respond to the jerks online, just leave them alone, they’ll get bored and go away.  

How to use it:
“If that guy starts trolling me again, I’m calling his mother.”

“There are so many trolls on YouTube comments, they’re just trying to get under you skin, so just ignore them.”

Block Someone / Report This / Flag It

  • A little bit overkill: A little bit too much, too strong, too intense, too forward
  • Unfriend: remove them from your friends list (usually on Facebook)
  • Harassing you: not leaving you alone
  • It gets taken down: It gets removed from the website 

How to use it:
“I started following this one page, but they started posting really gross stuff all of a sudden, so I reported them.”

“This creepy guy wouldn’t stop messaging me on Facebook, so in the end I just blocked him.”


  • Hook you into clicking: Trick you or entice you into clicking
  • Bizarre: weird, strange

How to use it:
“My mother falls for clickbait all the time, she believes everything she reads on the internet!”
“It’s obviously clickbait, look at the title ‘You’ll Be Amazed When You Read What She Did For This Poor Man…’ what does that even mean?”

Fake News

  • Facebook pushed a lot of fake news: Facebook published or shared a lot of fake news  
  • In certain circles: In groups of people with similar beliefs
  • Opinionated pieces: Strongly worded, written in a very subjective style, where the writer’s beliefs are clear to see
  • It leads you to think: It makes you think something
  • Get tricked: get deceived or get lied to

How to use it:
“I really think there needs to be stricter rules on sharing fake news, all it does is confuse and turn people against each other.”
“I’m a little worried people are surrounding themselves with fake news and highly opinionated pieces instead of looking at both sides of the story.”

Spam / Viruses / Hackers

  • Pick up a virus: Get a virus on your computer
  • Sketchy: Untrustworthy, dodgy
  • Third party: Unofficial, small, independant website
  • Hold your breath: A phrase meaning ‘Be brave’ when you don’t know if you are making the right choice
  • Malware: A type of computer virus
  • Pop ups: Windows that appear without your permission, usually annoying advertisements, usually scams
  • Anti:virus system: A piece of software that protects your computer against viruses
  • Hack her account: Someone gets access to her computer, and all her credit card numbers and banking details

How to use it:
“I think someone tried to hack into my account, Instagram just sent me a message that someone tried to log in from a place 1,000 miles from here.”

“I logged in the old email account I used to have when I was at school, the inbox is just full of spam and blatant viruses.”

Social Media Vocabulary: Advanced English Vocabulary by Topic

What’s the most annoying clickbait title that you’ve read? Have you ever been hacked? Social Media Vocabulary can be ugly, so make sure you find a nice sweet kitty video to put you in a great mood 🙂


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