Social Media Vocabulary Part 2

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Social Media Vocabulary: Twitter & Viral

English Social Media Vocabulary

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Notes from the Audio Files

Twitter: Tweets and Getting Re-tweeted

  • Tweeting: Writing and posting a Tweet on Twitter
  • 140 characters: 140 letters, symbols or numbers
  • Like a Status update: Similar to a written message on Facebook, where people normally write about their feelings, their opinions or what they are doing.
  • Re-tweeted: Sharing a tweet on your own profile
  • Get picked up: Getting shared or re-tweeted by someone more influential than you
  • The granddaddy of hashtags: The original creator, the first platform to use hashtags

How to use it:
“I don’t think I’ve ever gotten re-tweeted by anyone, but then again, I almost never post on Twitter.”

“A friend of mine is constantly tweeting all day. I think he tweets about 10 times before breakfast!”

Trending Now

  • Get on Twitter: Open Twitter/ look at Twitter
  • Get on Facebook: Open Facebook / look at Facebook
  • Might get picked up: It gets shared by an influential person, or a large group of people and it starts trending
  • A meme: A internet joke
  • #TBT: Throwback Thursday: A post remembering something that happened in the past
  • Have your say: Give your own opinion or comment on something

How to use it:
“Wow, that hashtag blew up overnight, it’s at the top of the Trending Now list, and I can’t stop seeing it on Facebook.”

“The video has been trending since this morning under the hashtag #Notmypresident”

Go Viral

  • Wildly popular: incredible, uncontrollably popular
  • Skyrocketed in popularity: It’s popularity got suddenly and dramatically bigger
  • It becomes cliche: It becomes tired, unfunny, and unoriginal
  • On another level: Much much higher, bigger, or better

How to use it:
“That stupid meme that went viral last week is still showing up on my newsfeed. It’s so overused.”

“That singer started out as on YouTube, then one of his songs went viral and now he’s signed a deal with a record label.”


  • I Skyped my mom: I talked to my mother using Skype
  • I Kakao’d my friend: I messaged my friend using Kakao
  • Just What’sApp me: Send me a WhatsApp message
  • Send me a WhatsApp: Send me a Whatsapp message
  • I’ll WhatsApp you: I’ll message you on WhatsApp
  • I’ll Facebook you: I’ll message you on Facebook
  • Just Facebook me: Send me message on Facebook

How to use it:
“Well, can you skype me tomorrow? No I don’t have Whatsapp anymore, I deleted it, but I can FB message you easy enough.”

“Just WhatsApp me when you’re leaving so I’ll be ready when you get here.”


  • Trending hashtags: Popular hashtags or topics
  • The whole idea: The main aim
  • Follow for Follow: If you follow me, I will follow you
  • A ton of followers: A lot of followers / friends / subscribers
  • Reposted: When someone shares a post, mainly because it’s going viral or it’s trending
  • Your Youtube channel: Your YouTube profile  

How to use it:
“I guess I used to be obsessed with the number of followers I had, but now I just want my friends and family to see the things I post.”

“I think her cat has more followers on Instagram than she does.”

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