Dating Vocabulary Part 5

Dating Vocabulary for English Learners 5

Dating Vocabulary for English Learners 5

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Dating Vocabulary

I think we need to spend a little time apart. Part 5 in our Dating Vocabulary series will include the end to some of those good times.

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Notes from the Audio Files

Break Up

  • So-and-so: used instead of a name you can’t remember
  • They’ve broken up: They are not dating or together anymore
  • Drifted apart: became less interested in each other over time
  • Rough times; rocky times: periods of time with lots of problems
  • Don’t see eye to eye: don’t agree with each other
  • Sparks a new fight: starts a new fight
  • We had a falling out: A big fight or issue caused a major problem in the relationship
  • Terminal: Final

How to use it:
“In the end, no one was really surprised when they broke up.”  
“Well, if they had broken up before they booked that vacation, it probably would’ve saved them both a major headache.”

Post Break Up

  • My ex: My previous partner or significant other
  • Post breakup: After the break-up
  • Still friends: You are not dating, but you remain friends
  • Old boyfriend: ex-boyfriend
  • Someone I used to see: someone you used to date
  • Excommunicated: cut off or blocked from communication
  • End on good terms: when you “agree” with the breakup
  • First husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend
  • Last husband/wife: most recent husband or wife you divorced

How to use it:
“Guess who was there last night? My ex – he always shows up at the worst times!”
“I’m not friends with any of my old boyfriends, I guess we just never kept in touch.”


  • Legal paperwork: official or legal documentation
  • Work things out: solve a problem  
  • Sort things out: solve or organise a solution to a problem
  • Needed some space
  • We’re separated: currently, possibility of getting back together or a divorce may happen
  • We separated 5 years ago: it’s assumed that the divorce happened after the separation

How to use it:
“We’ve been separated for about 6 months now. We’re still working through all the legal stuff.”
“I feel like they were separated for a while, but they seemed to work things out, because they’re back living together.”


  • We got divorced – action that recently happened
  • “We got divorced 4 years ago” action that happened 4 years ago
  • Filed the papers: submitted or officially applied for something
  • Describe yourself as “divorced”: “I’m divorced.”
  • Back out there *look below!*

How to use it:
“Oh, he’s not my husband any more. We got divorced about 5 years ago.”
“They got divorced within a year of being married. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

Get Back Out There

  • One of your friend’s friends: friend of a friend
  • The dating world

How to use it:
“Everyone’s got baggage! Stop worrying and get yourself back out there!”
“I think it was a little too soon for me to be getting back out there.”

Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend. But don’t worry, there are 1.5 billion(!) English speakers all over the world, there’s bound to be someone out there! If you’ve still got some questions about the phrases above leave a comment below and we’ll help you out!


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