Dating Vocabulary Part 1

English Listening Practice Dating Vocabulary 1

English Listening Practice Dating Vocabulary 1

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Dating Vocabulary

Dating is so informal, and there’s lots of fun and interesting vocabulary when it comes to Dating in English. Have fun with this new vocab list in our Dating Vocabulary Series! Enjoy.

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
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Notes from the Audio Files

Hit It Off

  • You’ve got chemistry: a natural connection with each other
  • A good sign: a positive aspect
  • No doubt: definitely, surely

How to use it:
“I was so nervous at the beginning of the date, so I’m really glad we hit it off in the end.”
“You guys were totally hitting it off! Go and get his number!”

Strike Up a Conversation

  • Small talk, chit chat: general, polite, light conversation
  • Genuinely interested: truly wanting to understand more about someone or something
  • “Go up and say hi”: a common piece of advice from friends
  • Nerve-wracking: scary
  • Pieces of advice: some help or hints
  • Making my palms sweat: so nervous that the inside of my hands are sweating
  • Get to know someone: learn more about someone

How to use it:
“I’ve never been the kind of person who can just strike up a conversation with a stranger.”
“You don’t have to think of something witty to strike up a conversation, just go over and introduce yourself.”

Check Someone Out

  • Wingman: person you are out with who helps you find a date
  • Nudge: a small soft push
  • Subtly: quietly or delicately  
  • Creepily: strangely or awkwardly

How to use it:
“Don’t look now, but that girl is totally checking you out.”
“I’m serious, he’s been checking you out all night!”

Hit On Someone

  • Romantic intentions: You want to be with another person, romantically.
  • Making the first move: starting the conversation or being the one who asks to go on a date

How to use it:
“I can’t believe he hit on you! They’ve only been broken up a week, and he’s already flirting with other women.”
“I’m so bad at reading signals, I usually only realise someone was hitting on me the next morning.”

Put Yourself Out there

  • Overlooked: rarely thought about
  • To be turned down: to be rejected
  • In it to win it: you have to participate to have a chance to win

How to use it:
“You can’t just sit at home sulking, you’ve gotta put yourself out there and meet new people.”
“Online dating is a great to put yourself back out there, you still don’t have to go out with anyone if you’re not ready.’

Dating, dating, dating, an interesting affair in any language. Hope you feel comfortable using this new Dating Vocabulary!


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