12 Common English Expressions on Disappointment

Common English Expressions on Disappointment

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

12 Common English Expressions
on Disappointment

Today we talk about Common English Expressions on Disappointment. We include 12 common words and phrases that you’ll hear in casual English conversation.

Listen to the English audio clips for pronunciation and usage of the phrases, enjoy!

I was so looking forward to…

Notes: I’m looking forward to something in the future: happy or excited about something in the future. I was so looking forward to it (past)… but I was disappointed.


We had high hopes for…

Notes: a bit more formal, for work or school

Led to Believe/ Led on

Notes: past tense of the verb ‘lead’, in a formal argument: I was led to believe that… more casual: she led me on, I was led on

Full of Regret

Notes: regret is wishing you hadn’t done something in the past

What a shame

Notes: very polite way to reply to someone who is disappointed, also, ‘that’s a shame’

What a bummer.

Notes: American slang, this is almost a cliche, so it can be used sarcastically

What a Let-Down

Notes: “it was such a let-down” it was disappointing, such a let-down = a big let-down, also, I was really let down by something, it didn’t meet my expectations


Notes: British slang, very disappointed

Too Bad

Notes: “that’s too bad” can be used in a polite way or it can be used more casually or sarcastically as “too bad”

How was I supposed to know

Notes: you can use this in defending yourself when someone else is disappointed, you can’t see into the future, you didn’t know something was going to happen

That sucks

Notes: very informal and very common, can be used with friends for just about any disappointment

That’s sh*tty

The specified audio id does not exist.

Notes: swear word, generally only used with friends when something pretty bad happens to them


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