9 Common English Expressions for Anger or Feeling Mad

9 Common English Expressions for Anger or Feeling Mad

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

9 Common English Expressions
for Anger or Feeling Mad

Today we talk about Common English Expressions for when you’re feeling Angry or Mad. We’ve included 9 common words and phrases that you’ll normally hear in casual English conversation, plus, at the end, we talk about boring and old phrases that can be really annoying to hear in English!

Listen to the audio clips for information and pronunciation.

Pissed Off / Pissed

Notes: NSFW: not a good word to use at work or school; UK: pissed off, pissed is used for being drunk; USA: I was pissed, also, I was pissed off. She pissed me off (When someone makes you angry, always use pissed off or it’ll sound strange.)


Notes: used more often in the UK, can be used very seriously, but because it so intense, it can be used as a joke

I was fuming

Notes: used more often in the UK; also, I was red in the face

Hit the Ceiling

Notes: used more often in the UK, get very angry very quickly

She had a meltdown

Notes: a very intense build up of emotions, can be anger, can be sadness, but it’s a big display of emotions

He Blew Up

Notes: getting angry very quickly; often directed at a single person or mutliple people

I Lost my Cool

Notes: “trying to keep your cool” you are trying to control the situation and control your emotions, however you might’ve slipped and gotten angry

I Flipped Out

Notes: She flipped out on us. She flipped out. Also, she lost her temper, or lost control of her emotions.

Threw a Fit / Paddy / Tantrum

Notes: often used for children when they don’t get their way; very childish behaviour in adults; UK: throw a paddy


Some phrases and expressions that you see really often in English textbooks can be boring and overused in real English conversation, here’s a few phrases about feeling angry that probably won’t help you sound very serious.

Blew my top
See red
Blow a Gasket
Bent out of Shape
Flip your Lid
Makes my Blood Boil
Grinds my Gears


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