Work Vocabulary – Part 4

English Listening Practice Work Vocabulary

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Work Vocabulary

This is Part 4 of a 5-part series helping you understand and use new English vocabulary right away while listening to naturally spoken English. This entire series on English Work Vocabulary has 25 vocabulary words with English explanations, and you can find the entire series here: Work Vocabulary Series

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.

Here are the Free Transcripts:
Full Transcripts for 25 English Work Vocabulary Dialogues

Notes from the Audio Files:

Called (In) For An Interview

  • Face to face – in person
  • Over the phone – on the phone

How to use it:
“I’m so excited! I just got called in for an interview on Monday!”
“I need to keep my phone charged in case they call me for an interview.”

Colleagues / Co-workers

  • It wouldn’t be very deep – it wouldn’t be a very serious or close relationship
  • Small talk – chit chat, polite conversation
  • By the water cooler – a drinks machine (or any place as it’s become an old-fashioned phrase) where people gather to talk at work

How to use it:
“We had a business dinner last night, and that’s the last time I hung out with my co-workers outside of work.”
“I think who your colleagues are make a big difference in your happiness at work.”

Getting Fired

  • Inadequate – not good enough
  • Blow to my ego – it hurt my confidence
  • Getting sacked (British English) – getting fired

How to use it:
“Of course I won’t do that – that’ll get us fired!
“He told me he quit his last job, but I heard that he actually got fired.”

Getting Laid off

  • A merger – two companies combining and joining together
  • A severance package – a sum of money a company gives an employee when they are laid off
  • Deemed – declared / decided

How to use it:
“The company went under, and sadly they had to lay off a lot of staff.”
“I definitely wasn’t fired, I was laid off, there’s a big difference!”

Quit / Hand in your Notice/ Give Two Weeks’ Notice

  • An intern – an assistant or trainee
  • my career path – my career plans
  • To stay on – to continue working after something has finished / ended
  • Burn bridges – to damage or destroy a relationship
  • I never looked back – “I don’t regret it”

How to use it:
“Didn’t you hear? She handed in her two weeks’ notice and she’s moving to Florida.”
“Well, I wanted to quit by January, but my contract says I have to give 4 weeks’ notice.

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