Travel Vocabulary Part 4

English Listening Practice Travel Vocabulary 4

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Travel Vocabulary: 5 more Types of Vacations

Even more trips to go on! We’ve gathered up 5 more types of vacations for you to enjoy on your time off. Enjoy using this new advanced ESL listening practice on Travel Vocabulary and feel confident using it right away!

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Notes from the Audio Files

Solo Travel

  • On a budget: Following a budget
  • Solo woman traveler: solo female travelers, women who travel alone
  • Taking more risks than necessary: Doing something more dangerous than you should be
  • Alone, by myself, solo
  • “On the road”: traveling
  • Put yourself out there: make the effort to meet new people
  • You’re bound to find someone: you’re sure to find someone

How to use it:
“A friend of mine is really into solo travel. He hitchhiked from Germany all the way to Portugal!’
“Solo female traveling can be completely safe, just be aware of your surroundings, just like everyone should.”

Road Trip

  • Good ol’ American road trip: typical way of traveling for a lot of Americans
  • Navigator: The person who reads the map and gives the driver directions
  • Rand Mcnally map: branded paper map of America available in most stores and gas stations
  • Pay phone: A public phone on the side of the road
  • Along the way: During the journey
  • Run out of gas: Run out of gasoline, run out of fuel

How to use it:
“I can’t wait for this summer – we’re taking a road trip from London all the way down to Milan!”
“I want to spend the entire autumn road tripping through the country, then fly back just in time for Thanksgiving.”


  • Go camping: To sleep outside in a tent
  • Coastal city: A city next to the ocean
  • Campsite: A designated area for camping
  • Rods: Collapsable poles that support the tent
  • Putting up the tent / taking down the tent
  • Roughed it: Didn’t have an easy or comfortable environment  
  • Stuffed it into the truck: packed it tightly into the truck

How to use it:
“I went camping a lot with the boy scouts when I was younger. We got really good at making fires and putting up tents.”
“We had so many camp outs under the stars, sitting by the fire, it was always so fun.”

RV’s / Campers

  • RV: Recreational Vehicle
  • Travel trailer: A portable trailer with space inside to cook, sit, wash and sleep
  • Hooks up to the hitch: Connects to the back of a vehicle
  • Drivable: It can be driven, you can drive it  
  • Glamping: ‘Glamor Camping’, camping with full amenities, much more comfortable than normal camping
  • RV parks: A designated area for RVs  
  • Caravanning: Going on holiday with a caravan  
  • Beds that pull out: a bed that can be moved in and out of the way
  • Kitchenette: small kitchen
  • Rambling: walking without a destination

How to use it:
“My father’s friend has a huge RV – it’s basically a house on wheels. It even has an oven!”
“I’m not really into roughing it, but I could be persuaded to go glamping in one of these beautiful travel trailers!”

Ski Holiday

  • Not the biggest fan of: I don’t really like  
  • Season pass: A ticket to access the ski resort for the entire season
  • Mini ski holiday: A short ski holiday
  • To and from the resort: To the resort and back again
  • Crack of dawn: Very early in the morning, around 4am-5am
  • Rent equipment: skis, helmets, boots, poles, bindings, snowboard
  • Rented a condo: similar to an apartment

How to use it:
“My favourite thing about our ski holidays is the hot tubs. Being inside in the warm water in freezing weather feels so good.”
“Really, really not into ski vacations, I’m not winter kind of girl.”

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Have you ever gone travelling solo? What about winter vacations… are you into ‘em? Let us know if you have any more questions in the comments.


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