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fbook-profile-2Hi there and welcome to High Level Listening!

We’ve recently launched November 21st, 2016 so please be patient as we add 5 posts every week!


You may be asking yourself, “What is this place? What do I do?”

Well, let’s clear that up! HLL is our answer to one of our biggest questions:

“Why does English listening practice sound so fake and scripted?”

As teachers, we’ve listened to hours and hours of terrible listening practice that we would never hear in the real world. We finally got so fed up with it that we developed our own site, and we’re super glad you’re here!

What is HLL?

High Level Listening is made of real, natural short conversations between two native English speakers. We’re perfect for intermediate students, and we’re great for advanced students who would like to sound more natural in their daily conversation.

We answer the question, “Hey, what does this mean?” in every audio clip.

It’s like having a professional English teacher explain vocabulary to you, 5 times a day, 5 days a week!

Each week we have a new vocabulary topic like Work, Appearance or Food etc.

Each topic has 25 useful and interesting words or phrases that we explain in a short audio clip.

So, that’s

25 audio clips a week of great listening practice

+ PLUS +

extra written notes and definitions


to help you learn tons of great new language to use in everyday conversation.

Note: At the moment, we don’t have written transcripts, because we don’t want you to rely on them, however we are looking forward to providing this service in the future.

Why HLL is Different

We are not academic English listening practice. We don’t talk about bizarre topics that don’t apply to normal life. We don’t use a script, and we don’t sound condescending. You’re not a child, and we won’t treat you like one.

While Mark has a knack for using the perfect word in every situation, I tend to be much more casual in my vocabulary, using lots of natural or general phrasal verbs making us a great combination for lots of different learners.

Professional Teachers

We’re young, currently active teachers with a combined 900 hours of teaching adults English conversation. We get you! You want to sound normal and use words and phrases that people will understand right away. We love all of our students and want them to feel comfortable in any situation and any topic with native English speakers.

Casual, Conversational

We use slang (both casual and informal). We naturally run words together. We treat you like a normal person, so we don’t slow it down or divide our words up to make it “easier” to understand. We’re getting you ready for a real conversation.


Kat’s from Texas and Mark’s from Essex. We’re always learning new words and phrases from each other, and it’s fun to hear the differences in our accents and styles of English.

Thanks so much for visiting! Please have a look around 🙂

Kat and Mark