Personality Vocabulary – Part 5

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Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Personality Vocabulary

This is the final part of tis week’s 5-part series helping you understand and use new personality vocabulary right away!

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
Transcripts unavailable.

Notes from the Audio Files

Take After Someone

  • Looks-wise: on the topic of looks, in regards to looks
  • side-by-side : next to each other
  • Posture: how you stand or sit
  • My voice broke: my voice changed, usually at puberty
  • Personality-wise: on the topic of personality

How to use it:
“With a nose like that, he definitely takes after his father.”
“I’d say she really takes after her grandmother, they both have green thumbs.”

Taking It Seriously

  • Doing it properly: doing it right
  • Don’t take it so seriously/so personally: you’re too emotional

How to use it:
“It’s just a game, don’t take it so seriously.”
“Look guys, we need to buckle down and start taking this thing seriously.”


  • No Notes

How to use it:
“He told me he loved it, then told someone else that he hated it. I don’t understand why he was so two-faced.”
“My best friend went behind my back and told everyone lies about me. If that’s not two-faced, I don’t know what is.”


  • Other people’s business: others’ lives
  • Scrolling: using your mouse or finger to move internet pages

How to use it: *usually informally*
“I wish everyone on my street wasn’t so nosy. I can see them watching me from their windows sometimes!”
“Mind your own business! Stop being so nosy.”



  • Full creep: *informal

How to use it:
“He literally asked every girl at the party if he could walk them home. The dude was a total creep.”
“Stop staring at every guy that walks in, you’re starting to look desperate and really creepy!”

We’ve added in a little informal language to spice things up a bit, are you getting the hang of it? Let us know!

Kat and Mark

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