Personality Vocabulary – Part 2

English Listening Practice Personality Vocabulary


Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Personality Vocabulary

This is the second part of a 5-part series helping you understand and use new vocabulary right away!

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
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Notes from the Audio Files

Bend Over Backwards

  • To-go box
  • They had me bending over backwards

How to use it:
“None of this would have been possible without Susie. She really bent over backwards to get this event organised.”
“I’ve already done everything I can for my boss, but now she’s got me bending over backwards to get this report in on time. It’s pretty much impossible.


  • Cut and dry: direct
  • He’s an introvert, she’s introverted
  • Awkward: not straightforward or casual, weird
  • Count myself as: I would consider myself

How to use it:
“He didn’t talk to many people at the party, I think he’s kind of an introvert.”
“Like most introverted people, I just really enjoy some peace and quiet.”

Put Others First

  • In a good light: positively
  • Aid worker: helping abroad in emergency situations
  • Speak out: say something to get noticed
  • get acknowledged: get noticed, rewarded for something you’ve done
  • Selfless: not thinking of yourself

How to use it:
“If you want to excel in customer service, you need to start putting others first.”
“I used to be a lot more selfish, but I decided to put my kids first to make sure they’re successful.”


  • Don’t rub it in
  • #stayhumble

How to use it:
“Once his younger brother started beating him at sports, he became a lot more humble.”
“Did you see what Katy just posted on Instagram? She’s telling everyone to be thankful while she’s on a private island in the Bahamas. Talk about a humble brag.”


  • On the outskirts: on the outside of the social circle
  • Cuts themselves off: separates themselves from others

How to use it:
“He’s always been very reserved, so it’s not easy to know what he’s really thinks about something.”
“Ever since he got married, he’s a lot more reserved, and he doesn’t get crazy at parties anymore.”

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