Hi there, I’m Mark!

I’m from Essex in the UK.

I’ve been teaching English since 2012. So far I’ve taught in South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and the UK. I’ve helped teach children and adults everything from the alphabet to debate tactics, and everything in between!

What I like to do for fun:
I like to go cycling, hiking and play video games. I also love pretty much everything to do with cars and bikes. Race meets are my rock concerts!

My Teaching Style:
I’ve always enjoyed writing. There’s something very satisfying about finding the perfect word and crafting a complete and insightful essay. Giving my students the best tools to express themselves in English has been my goal since my first day in the classroom!

What I am up to now?
I’m putting together a couple of IELTS e-books to help ESL students gain access to life-changing opportunities all over the English speaking world.