IELTS Speaking Test Corrections Service

IELTS Speaking Test Corrections Service IELTS Speaking Test Practice Test

IELTS Speaking Test Corrections Service​

So, you’ve finished High Level Listening’s Free IELTS Speaking Test E-mail Course. You watched the videos, you completed the worksheets. You’re ready to take the Speaking Test! Right?

Free Online IELTS Speaking Test Course

Let’s go one step further. High Level Listening offers Mock IELTS Speaking Tests with a professional Speaking Test Corrections Service from professional IELTS Teacher, Mark Foley. Here’s what one student has to say:

What is it?

With our IELTS Speaking Test Corrections Service, you can take an entire Practice IELTS Speaking Test, send us your voice recordings and receive professional, personalised feedback and corrections in 24-48 hours. ​

​Verbal Corrections

  • High quality Verbal Corrections embedded within your audio files
  • Spoken pronunciation corrections
  • Verbal Suggestions on your vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure
  • Below, you’ll find an example of what your verbal corrections will sound like

Have a question before you buy it? E-mail us at for Questions or Concerns, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

​Written Corrections

Full IELTS Speaking Test: 8-10 pages of feedback including

  • Pronunciation for better understanding
  • Advanced Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • High Band Expressions
  • Extra Notes and Theory to Increase your Score
  • Examples of Improved Answers to Score Higher
  • Synonyms and Extra Vocabulary

Check out an examples of our Written and Verbal Corrections


Download a free Example of the Written Corrections here: IELTS Speaking Test Written Corrections

IELTS Speaking Test Practice Test and Corrections

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