Free Time Vocabulary Part 5

English Listening Practice Free Time Interests Vocabulary 5

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Free Time Vocabulary

Hopefully there’s lots going on in your local neighbourhood, and you enjoy all of it! In Day 5 we talk about exploring local cultural scenes, food and drink, and turning your hobby into a side-job, or even a career.

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Notes from the Audio Files

Into a ______ scene

  • Music, social, arts scene
  • Small gigs: small concerts
  • Invested: you support something with your time, effort or money

How to use it:
“I’m really into the local music scene. I go to a different venue every night, listen to the bands and write reviews on my blog.”
“We’ve got a great local brew scene, lots of craft beers and brew bars that are top notch.”

A Foodie

  • For the sake of loving food: loving food, just because they can
  • Snobby: someone who acts  like they’re better than another person
  • Exclusive club: special club
  • Checking out restaurants: visiting and trying out restaurants

How to use it:
“Everyone in Chicago is a total foodie! I understand why though, there is amazing food everywhere!”
“Anyone with an Instagram account considers themselves a foodie nowadays, me included.”

Craft Beer

  • Craft beer: specialized beer made in small batches
  • Breweries: the place beer is made
  • Import: bring it in from another country
  • Beer nerds: some people who love beer
  • Mini culture: a small, similarly-minded group of people
  • Release something new: Release a new beer to the public
  • Being into your local craft brew scene: Following and supporting your local breweries  

How to use it:
“I’m really into craft breweries – I even have an app on my phone so I can review every single beer I drink, it’s awesome!”
“I’m not really sure if I prefer craft beer or wine tastings more, but I wish there was a word for people who enjoy going out for a drink.”

Sports-buff / History-buff

  • It refers to
  • Soaking up all these facts
  • The stats
  • Stats-heavy
  • Fancy themselves
  • Amateur historian

How to use it:
“I’m a bit of a World War 2 buff. I’ve been to all of the big museums all over the country and I read any book I can find on the subject too.”
“He’s such a sports buff, as him any question about baseball, and you’ll be in for a 10 minute conversation about stats and bio’s.”

Amateur photographer / writer

  • “Don’t quit your day job” – your hobby may not be enough to make you money, sometimes said sarcastically if someone is bad at their hobby
  • Full-time: Your main job or source of income
  • Turning a hobby into a profession: Eventually turning your hobby into a career

How to use it:
“I’ve photographed a few weddings, just for friends and family. I enjoy just being an amateur photographer.”
“I’ve been looking to go pro, but my coach said I’m not quite ready, yet.”

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You’re probably going to be an English buff by now – you’ve finished this week’s vocab! If you’re still unsure about any of the these new phrases, ask us in the comments below!


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