Free English Video Lesson: Phrasal Verbs for Spending Time with Friends

20 English Phrasal Verbs for Spending Time with Friends: Free Online English Lesson with Video

20 Phrasal Verbs for Spending Time with Friends

Introducing yourself and Making New Friends in English is just the beginning! Once you get into the small talk and you exchange facebook info or get each other’s numbers, it’s time to hang out. Today, we’ve got a free online English lesson for you to use with your English speaking friends when you’d like to make plans to spend time together. These 20 phrasal verbs are really common, and you’ll hear them all the time in friendly and casual conversation.

If you’re not comfortable with learning 20 phrasal verbs in one sitting, split it up using the Free Phrasal Verbs Worksheets (below), there’s 5 worksheets in total, so you can work through one a day to feel confident using your new English expressions.

Tips for Memorization

My advice: think of a time today or this week that you could use these new phrases. Set it up in your head, imagine the scenario: texting a friend, messaging them on facebook, meeting them at a party, getting together in a group, now set up the sentence using your new phrasal verb. Write it down, type it, text it then say it out loud. By using all these different methods, you’re more likely to remember them and to be able to use these expressions in the real world on the spot!

Check out the free video lesson for a few culture tips, example sentences, special uses and lots of other great info on these phrasal verbs here:

Grab your Free Phrasal Verb Worksheets + 15-minute Audio Download + Script + Slides (PDF) all here!

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We’re dedicated to making naturally spoken English lessons that you can use the real world, let us know in the comments if you’re still having any problems or don’t understand something!

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