Food Vocabulary Part 4

English Listening Practice Food Vocabulary 4

English Listening Practice Food Vocabulary 4

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Food Vocabulary

Drinking culture. Usually alcoholic, sometimes not. Part 4 of this week’s series, Food Vocabulary, should probably be called: “Drinks Vocabulary”.

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
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Notes from the Audio Files

To Chug / Neck / Down a Drink ** Informal

  • UK: To neck/chug/down a beer
  • USA: To chug/down
  • “No pressure”: sarcastic
  • Frat boy: male college student belonging to a fraternity
  • A gulper/sipper: someone who gulps/sips
  • Drinking to drink: to get drunk

How to use it:

“I can’t believe you just downed that entire drink in one gulp. You’re gonna be feeling that in the morning.”
“We’re going to be late for the film! Come on, down that drink and let’s go.”

To Sip / Nurse

  • A strong drink: a lot of alcohol
  • Working on it: drinking or finishing a drink
  • I’m just gonna sit and nurse this one: good way to say “I’m only having one drink”

How to use it:
“Wow that bartender made this drink really strong! I’m just gonna sip it slowly to make it last.”
“I can only afford a few pints tonight, so I’m just going to nurse them.”

Order a Round

  • Getting rounds: one person buying everyone’s drinks all at the same time
  • So packed: very crowded and busy
  • Stuck at the bar: waiting a long time to get a drink
  • I’ll order the first round: I’ll order and pay for the first round
  • First round’s on me: I’ll pay for the first round
  • I’ll order this round, you can get it next time: you can pay next round or next time we hang out

How to use it:
“Hey, I’ll order a round for the table, everyone’s okay with beer? Okay I’ll get a pitcher.”
“You guys go and find a table, I’ll get the first round.”

One for the Road

  • Convince someone: change someone’s mind
  • A dated phrase: an old phrase
  • Thrown around: used or spoken occasionally
  • A bunch of guys: a group of guys

How to use it:
“I was planning on leaving, but Lindsay just got here. Okay, one for the road, and then I’ll head out.”
“I’ve really got to start heading home.” — “Just one more for the road?” — “Alright, go on then.”

To Open / Close a Tab

  • Buy drinks as they come: buying drinks in rounds, or one round at a time
  • Run the card: Charge your credit/debit card
  • Swiping: moving the card through a machine
  • Double check: look over twice to make sure
  • “Can I close out?”: “Can I close my tab?”

How to use it:

“Hey, I’d like to close out please. –Sure, what’s the name under?– Smith.”
“Could I open a tab please? Here’s my card.”

Drinking, drinking, drinking. Hope these phrases were helpful when it comes to bar hopping or enjoying a round with friends, talk to you soon!


Mark and Kat

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