English Video Lesson: Phrasal Verbs at Work

20 English Phrasal Verbs in the Workplace

I, Kat, have created my first free English video lesson on English phrasal verbs in the workplace. You’ll find a quick culture lesson plus a few expressions at the end of the video to use in your Small Talk when talking about work.

My suggestion: check out 3-4 new phrases. Think of how you would use them in English in your daily life. Think about your coworkers, your colleagues, chatting with people about work. Say a few sentences out loud. Write them down. You can even write them out in the Facebook Comments Section below and High Level Listening will help you out!

3-4 phrases a day that you review a few times a week means that you can learn and use this entire list in a week, and you’re less likely to forget them!

Check out the video here: You can also get the Worksheets, the Script to follow along and the 16 minute Audio Download below.

Teachers! You are welcome to download the PDF of all of the slides in this free phrasal verb lesson, use them with your own students to get them using naturally spoken phrasal verbs in the classroom and their work place! Phrasal Verbs at Work Slides for English Teachers



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