English Dialogue: Small Talk Greetings with 100 English Expressions

English Dialogue Small Talk Greetings with Dialogue, Listening and Speaking Practice

English Dialogue: Small Talk: Greetings

We’re excited to introduce this English Listening practice for Upper Intermediate and Advanced English students. Here are 10 English Dialogues on Small Talk Greetings, Talking about the Weekend and Making Plans. Each English dialogue has been recorded by Kat and Mark, an American and Brit and are recorded in naturally spoken English.

How to use these English conversations: Listen to the audio before reading the dialogue. Train yourself! It can be difficult, but it’s completely natural English, the kind of English you will hear from native English speakers in the USA and the UK.

We’ve created FREE worksheets  for Conversations 1 & 2. Advanced Students and Teachers of English will both enjoy the guidance and explanations along with the listening, writing and speaking practice.

Download our free worksheet, MP3s and Transcripts for Dialogue 1 & 2:

Let’s get started!

English Dialogue: Greetings 1 MP3

Listen to Small Talk Greetings #1 to listen to the full dialogue, don’t read the transcripts, yet!

Listen to Small Talk Greetings #1 – Practice to mimic the important English expressions. Improve your English Speaking skills by mimicking native speakers.


Hey man, how’s it going?

Yeah, good, good, oh, I got that job I interviewed for last week.

Hey that’s great! Hey, that’s really good to hear, I was hoping you’d get it. When do you start?

Not for another week, but do you wanna try to get together this weekend?

Uhm, does Friday work? I’ve got a really big weekend ahead.

Yeah, sounds good! Looking forward to it.

English Dialogue: Greetings 2 MP3

Listen to Small Talk Greetings #2 to listen to the full dialogue, don’t read the transcripts, yet!

Listen to Small Talk Greetings #2 – Improve your speaking skills during the pause after the beep!

Remember, we have a FREE worksheet + downloads + transcripts for Dialogue 1&2:


Hiya, how’ve you been?

Yeah, not bad, actually I finally got a call back from that job that I interviewed for, and guess what? I got it!

Awesome! Yeah, well done, that’s really great to hear. Do you start right away?

Well, uhm yes and no, I go in for training tomorrow, but I don’t really start until next week. Do you have some time this weekend, maybe we could get together?

I’ve got a lot planned this weekend, just running around, doing loads of stuff, but Friday’s pretty open.

That works pretty well for me, I’ll text you later about it?

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English Dialogue: Greetings 3 MP3


Mark, hey, what have you been up to? I haven’t seen you in a while.

Yeah, things have been really good, I’m gonna be starting that new job I interviewed for next week.

Wow, already? This month has been crazy, I’ve been so busy these past few weeks.

Yeah, we should try to meet up this weekend if you have some time.

You know, Friday night we’re actually already meeting up for drinks, you should meet us out.

Sure! Yeah, text me the info, and I’ll try to get away.


English Dialogue: Greetings 4 MP3


Hey! How’ve you been I haven’t seen you in ages!

Yeah, it’s been such a long time, I guess it’s been, what, since that last time Megan got everyone together?

Yeah, I think I just missed you the last time she put something together.

Oh that’s right I had to leave early, work stuff.

Yeah I get that. What are you up to this weekend?

Uhm, nothing really, I was supposed to hang out with my family but those plans sort of fell through, do you wanna try to get together? Maybe grab a coffee?

Sure, yeah, I’ll text you closer to Friday.



English Dialogue: Greetings 5 MP3


Mark! Hey, how’ve you been, it’s been so long.

Yeah I can’t believe it’s been, what, like, a year since we had that trip to the river?

At least! I’ve been trying to get everyone together, but you know, it’s just hard to organize so many people.

Well, if you do plan something, let me know, Elaine and I are thinking of heading up to the beach next month, we’d love it if you guys wanted to go.

Next month is really crazy with work, but I’ll facebook you if we get some time off.

Awesome, yeah, well, I’ve gotta head out, have a great weekend!

Thanks you, too.


English Dialogue: Greetings 6 MP3


Kat, it’s been way too long, I heard you moved out of town?

Yeah, we’ve been house hunting forever, but we finally found something we like out in the suburbs, so, yeah, we’re part of suburbia now.

Right, I get that, hey you should come over for dinner sometime, I’ve gotta run but send me a text if you’re free this weekend or next.

Awesome! That would be so lovely, I’ll text you.

English Dialogue: Greetings 7 MP3


Hey, Mark, how was your weekend?

Oh yeah, not too bad, didn’t really get up to much, which was actually pretty good for me.

Sometimes you need to just have some time to yourself to recharge, I get that.

What’d you get up to?

Oh, you know, just spent Sunday recovering from Saturday and binged on an entire season of Scrubs.

Haha, sounds about right.


English Dialogue: Greetings 8 MP3


Hey, Kat, anything fun going on this weekend?

Yeah, actually, there’s uhm… there’s an outdoor movie screening at the park, I think it’s, oh I don’t remember if it’s Friday or Saturday, I’d have to look it up. What are you and Lisa up to this weekend?

We’re finally moving into the new apartment, so we’ve got loads of packing to do.

Well, if you guys need any help you know you can always call me and Tom to help you guys out.

Thanks, yeah, we appreciate that.


English Dialogue: Greetings 9 MP3


Hiya, anything good happening this weekend? My friends are coming into town, so we get to play tourist for a few days.

Oh I love playing tourist. Uhm, actually you know, I’d gotten tickets to the Dynamo soccer game, but I’m pretty sure I can’t go anymore, maybe we could work something out and you could take them off my hands?

Oh, yeah, yeah that’d be great, I’ll let you know later tonight?

Yeah, just text me about it later.

Will do!


English Dialogue: Greetings 10 MP3


Hey man, whatcha got goin’ on this weekend?

Yeah, you know, I had plans to meet up with Danielle and them, but I think those kinda fell through, so who knows? Got anything planned?

Well, I was thinking about having a little get together Saturday afternoon, nothing too big, just have people come over and maybe swim and get the barbecue pit out.

Yeah, yeah that’d be great, what time were you thinking?

I dunno, maybe a late lunch? Like 1, 1:30?

Sure, yeah I’ll be there.

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