English Small Talk: Common English Questions with Where and Why

Small Talk English Dialogues English Questions Where and Why

English Small Talk:

Common Questions with Where and Why

Do you have problems listening to native English speakers? Even at the intermediate and advanced English level, it can be difficult to understand when speakers use their naturally spoken tone, pronunciation and speed. We’re hoping to change that!

We’ve recorded 30+ real English dialogues using common English questions with Where and Why, so you can improve your English listening skills.

Improve your Speaking skills: We’ve created practice MP3’s so you can mimic and copy 50+ naturally spoken English questions. We’ve also included transcripts below of all the dialogues so you can follow along if you missed a word or two.

Improve your Listening skills: The more you listen, the easier it will become, you will notice after a while that the boring ESL listening practice you listened to before will sound VERY unnatural! We never grade our language (make it easier or simpler for learning), and since Kat is American and Mark is British, you can listen to the differences between two very similar accents, improving your listening skills at the same time.

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Where do I put the emphasis in English Questions?

Emphasis or giving more stress to certain words in a sentence is really important in English. It helps give the other person information, and it adds a nice rhythm to your sentence.

Naturally: where’d you GO yesterday?

We love giving attention to our verbs in English, and without changing the meaning, we’ll emphasize them by stressing the main verbs in our questions, like GO, but the little helping verbs like do and did, usually stay quiet, which is why they’re hard to hear sometimes! where’djewGO? The did is hiding in between where and you.

However, when we change the emphasis, we want to focus your attention on another word for some reason.
like this:
Hey, where’d you go yesterday?
Oh we didn’t really do much today.
No, no, where’d you go yesterday.
Oh, sorry, we went out to the city for the day.

Since the second speaker started to answer a different question about today, the first speaker emphasized yesterday to bring their attention to it. Pay attention, please. 🙂

Common English Questions with Where and Why!

Where Questions with Do and Does

English Speaking Practice: How to use them

So let’s begin by listening to the Practice MP3 above: this includes 5 common English questions and it’s spoken in both American and British accents.

Listen the first question, then you’ll hear a beep. BEEP. Now you try! Repeat the phrase using the natural rhythm, stress and intonation.
Now, you’ll hear the same question, with a British accent. BEEP. Now you try! They’re quick, so you’ll have to practice your pronunciation in order to say it quickly like a native English speaker.

Common English Questions:

Where do you wanna go?

Where do you normally hang out?

Where do you live?

Where does she fly in to?

Where does this bus go?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

Excuse me, where does this bus go?

It goes downtown, along the river and past all the big museums. Where do you need to go?

The Natural History museum

Okay, then this is the one you need.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

Oh hey, I forgot to mention, we’ll have to give Maria a lift to the airport tomorrow morning. Is that okay?

Okay fine, where does she fly out of?

Just, from Stansted, so it’s only about a half hour away.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Hey, what’re you up to?

Just getting some of these last minute souvenirs.

Oh yeah, where do you get those jade necklaces that everyone has? I can’t find them anywhere.

Really? Just head to any of the souvenir shops, they’re all over the place!

Where Questions with Did

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Where’d you go?

Where did you end up last night?

Where did you buy that? / get those?

Where did she say to meet us?

Where’d you travel to?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

Hey, sorry I had to go home early last night, where did you end up?

We didn’t even leave the bar in the end, all those cocktails caught up with us. We went home not long after you.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

Have you seen a wallet anywhere? Brian’s lost his and he can’t find it anywhere.

Can’t say I have. Where’d he last see it?

Uhm, okay so, he had it at the restaurant. He tried to call them now but they’re not open yet.

Where’d you go afterwards?

A few different places downtown, we’ve been trying to retrace our steps, but no luck so far.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

I’m so glad I finally got to meet Sarah! Where’d you two meet anyway?

Yeah, actually, we were on the same flight back from Thailand, and then we got chatting and found out we lived in the same city, so we decided to meet up, and, yeah, things just kind of went from there.

Where Questions with Is and Are

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Where’s he going?

Where’s she from?

Where are you heading later?

Where are they meeting us?

Excuse me, where’s your restroom? Sorry, where are the bathrooms?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

Hey guys, thank you  so much for everything, I’ve actually gotta leave early tomorrow, probably before you guys are awake. Where’s the train station from here?

Oh yeah, it’s just a 15 minute walk towards the town centre. You’ll see signs all the way down the road, you can’t miss it.

Transcript Dialogue #2

Where are you thinking of having your hen-do?

A hen-do? What is that?

You guys call it a bachelorette party, but it’s the same thing, it’s a ladies trip before the wedding.

Ohh, yeah definitely, the bachelorette party. Well, he’s probably gonna have his bachelor party in Vegas, I think we’re gonna do something a little more low-key and just hang out at the beach for a few days.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Where’s the best place to get Mexican food around here?

So, for really authentic Tex-Mex, I’d go to Ole’s, but if you want something a little less greasy, there’s a really good taco place down the road.

Cool, okay. How far is it?

It’s sort of just around the corner, but it’s a lot easier to drive. Do you wanna just go there for dinner?

Where Questions with Was and Were

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Where was that place?

Where was he going?

Where were those guys from?

Where were they heading?

Where were they meeting us? supposed to meet us?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

I found my keys!

So, where were they?

In the car, like you said.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

Where was that cafe that we went to last week? I’m gonna take my sister there.

It’s just on the other side of the river, you know where the night market usually is?

Oh yeah I know where you mean, thanks!

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Sorry your flight got delayed, I hope it wasn’t too terrible.

Yeah it wasn’t so bad. I actually met some other guys from the UK while we were waiting for the plane to be repaired.

Oh yeah, where were they from?

From Dorset, so they still had a 4 hour train journey even after they got out of the airport.

Where Questions with Have and Has

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Where’ve they been all day?

Where’ve you been so far?

Where’s he been living?

Where’s the waiter gone?

Where’s she been staying?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

How long have you been in Thailand?

Just a couple of days, but I’ve been in Asia for about 2 months now.

Oh cool! Where have you been so far?

Transcript Dialogue #2:

I love living here, I’ve been here since last November, and we’re probably going to stay until July.

Where’ve you been staying?

In a serviced apartment a couple of blocks away. That’s probably why we’re always eating here.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Where’s Jamie gone? He was literally here a second ago.

Maybe he went to the bathroom?

He better be back soon, the bus is about to leave.

Where Questions with Would

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Where would I find them?

Where would you like to eat?

Where would he go?

Where would we go instead?

Where would you want it to be?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

I know it’s a national holiday, so I think a lot of places might be closed, but we could try that place anyway.

Where would we go if it’s closed?

Uhm, there’s another restaurant down the street that’s always open.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

I can’t decide where to have the wedding reception.

Where would you want it to be?

Somewhere close by, there’s a really pretty hotel in the city center that holds receptions, but I don’t know how much it is.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Where would I go for  a really good burger/ beer/ pizza?

Oh, there’s an awesome little burger truck down the street. They make everything by hand and it’s all really fresh.

Oh, that sounds perfect, thanks.

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Why Questions with Do and Does

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:n

Why do you say that?

Why does she wanna go?

Why don’t you come with us?

Why do they think that?

Why does he do that?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

I have a feeling that this meeting today is gonna take a while.

Why do you say that?

Well I stopped by Laura’s office and she’s catering in lunch, so I assume that’s for us.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

Okay, so we’re taking the big car, and we can fit four more.

Ah, we were planning on taking our car, too. We’ve gotta head out by 3:30/4.

Well, why don’t you just come with us? We’re planning on leaving around then, too.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

This is the third time this month that my roommate has left food out in the kitchen. It’s so annoying.

Ugh, why does he do that?

I have no idea! Maybe I’m being too nice, and he just doesn’t get it.

Why Questions with Did

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Why didn’t you tell me?

Why didn’t she say something?

Why did they choose not to come?

Why’d you go for that?

Why did I just do that?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

So… we’re moving to LA!

What, wow! Congratulations, I didn’t even know you were thinking about relocating, why didn’t you tell me?

Oh, you know, it all happened so fast, and we didn’t wanna tell anyone until we were definitely on board, we’re so excited!

Transcript Dialogue #2:

So my division isn’t moving into the building downtown anymore.

What? Why’d they choose not to move? I thought it was a sure thing?

Yeah, they’ve pushed it back twice and now it isn’t happening at all, not really sure why though.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Kat, what are you doing?

Omg, why did I just do that? Sorry I haven’t had any coffee, yet today, my brain is still asleep.

Why Questions with Is and Are

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Why is she here?

Why are you doing that?

Why is he acting like that?

Why are they called that?

Why am I  here?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

Hey, is that bike you had still for sale?

Yeah it is, why, are you wanting buy it?

Well, not me, a friend of mine would probably want it.

Listen to the difference between these two dialogues:
Why, followed quickly by a yes/no question & a why question
Notice the pauses and the stress.

Hey, any advice on buying a bike?

Yeah, sure I just did a lot of research lately, why are you buying a new bike? Did yours break?

No I just think it’s time for an upgrade.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

We’ve just moved the meeting to the smaller conference room on the third floor.

Oh yeah? Why’re we in there?

I think the schedules got mixed up and the computer room is booked this afternoon.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Why aren’t you going out with us on Friday?

Ah, I’d love to but I already made plans with my sister to catch up while she’s in town.

Why Questions with Was and Were

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Why was she so mad?

Why were you thinking about that?

Why was the traffic so bad?

Why wasn’t she here this morning?

Why were you and him fighting?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

Hey sorry, I’m late, I was stuck in traffic.

Wow, at 10am? Why was the traffic so bad?

I have no idea! I avoided the construction on the freeway, but then I got stuck in the neighborhoods, I guess there was a train or something, and everyone was backed up for miles.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

Why was he so bent outta shape about changes? They seemed pretty reasonable to me.

Oh, he’s had a really stressful week, I think he just needs to take a little time off.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

Hey remember that time we went out to Sam’s and we got so lost we almost missed the entire party?

Haha, yeah, oh man, why were you thinking of that?

Oh, I dunno, I talked to Sam a few days ago and just started thinking about it.

Why Questions with Have and Has

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Why has she been so happy lately?

Why have you been so stressed lately?

Why haven’t you replied to my texts?

Why haven’t you left yet?

Why hasn’t she called me back?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

Dude, where are you, why haven’t you left the house yet?

Ah sorry, I got caught up on the phone with my dad, I’m leaving right now.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

She’s been in such a good mood, why’s she been so happy lately? Not that it’s weird, just wondering.

She’s taking two weeks off starting Friday, I’d be pretty excited, too.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

I thought the date went really well, but I haven’t heard anything back, why hasn’t she called me back?

Oh give it a little time, maybe she’s been tied up with work or has a lot on her plate right now.

Why Questions with Would

Speaking Practice: Common English Questions:

Why would you do that?

Why would she say that?

Why wouldn’t you wanna do that?

Why would they just ignore you like that?

Why would anyone act like that?

Transcript Dialogue #1:

Well, she started telling me about her personal life and problems with her husband.

What, why would she say something like that to you?

I dunno, but it was really unprofessional, I barely even know her.

Transcript Dialogue #2:

Okay, I’m just gonna finish up these last few things around the house, then I’ll head out.
And why would you do that when you could be hanging out with me instead?

Yeah, okay, you’re right, I’ll do it tomorrow, see you in a few.

Transcript Dialogue #3:

And then she told us all off and slammed the door of her office.

Wow, why would anyone act like that? And at work of all places.

I dunno, I think the stress is getting to her. I’m gonna have to make a complaint about her to my boss though, what she did was not okay.

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