English Restaurant Role Play with Listening for Adult Students – Full Transcript and Listening Practice

Restaurant Role Play with Listening for English Learners USA UK 4

English Restaurant Role Play with Listening Practice for Adult Students

Download the Full American and British Transcripts here.

Listen to the Audio Player for naturally spoken American English and British English Restaurant Role Plays.

Want more practice and even more listening practice on certain sections of the role play?

Check out each part of the Role Play PLUS get tons of Culture Notes to help you understand everything!

Part 1: Getting Seated by the Host or Server

Part 2: Sitting at the Bar, Smoking/NonSmoking, Drinks

Part 3: Wine List, Happy Hour – USA, Appetizers/Starters

Part 4: Ordering Entrees/Mains

Part 5: Paying the Bill, Splitting, Tipping 

Any other questions about the English Dialogue or Culture Notes? Let us know in the comments below!

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