Dating Vocabulary Part 2

Dating Vocabulary for English Learners 2

English Listening Practice Dating Vocabulary 2

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

Dating Vocabulary

Day 2 of our English Dating Vocabulary gets into very casual dating words and phrases.
Get used to how we use it in the listening practice.

Please listen to the audio files for explanations.
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Notes from the Audio Files

Grab a Drink

  • No-pressure: few expectations
  • Take the pressure off: make something less stressful
  • Tense up: become nervous
  • Get a better read of something: To understand someone or something better

How to use it:
“Hey, do you wanna go and grab a drink after work? I know a really great place nearby.”
“So, she asked if I wanted to grab a drink. Is that a date or what?”

Just Drinks

  • Under the impression: thought something different of the situation
  • Day date: informal date during the day
  • Downplay: pretend something isn’t very important

How to use it:
“Will you stop! It was just drinks! It wasn’t like candle-lit dinner or anything!”
“I’ve gotta keep telling myself that it’s just drinks and not to take it too seriously.”

Being too forward, too direct

  • Hitting on you: see Part 1
  • Jumping the gun: doing something too soon
  • To bring something up: start talking about a certain topic or subject

How to use it:
“He was just being way too forward, I know some girls like that, but I really don’t like it.”
“I couldn’t believe she was so forward. Normally, I like that in a girl, but she was just too much.”

Coming on too strong

  • Deal breaker: something which can’t be forgiven or ignored, often a characteristic in another person
  • A little too strong: a little too much
  • Revert to something: return to a previous way or personality
  • I don’t blame them: I don’t think it’s their fault
  • Reel it in: tone it down, stop doing it so much

How to use it:
“He’s been texting me non-stop since our date last night. I don’t think he realises he’s coming on way too strong.”
“I think you’re trying too hard, you don’t wanna come on too strong, but you do need to seem interested.”

Get shot down

  • Rejected: turned down, someone said no
  • Not the end of the world: it’s not a really big problem
  • To be involved with someone else: to be dating someone else

How to use it:
“Dude, just ask her out on a date! If you get shot down, so what? There are plenty of other people out there!”
“He’d been checking me out all night, so I thought I’d go and strike up a conversation. Within two seconds, he had shot me down! What the hell!”

Have you ever felt like you were coming on a little strong? How do you feel when you’ve been shot down?


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