13 Common English Expressions on Forgetting and Remembering

Common English Expressions on Forgetting and Remembering

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

13 Common English Expressions
on Forgetting and Remembering

Today we talk about Common English Expressions on Forgetting and Remembering. We include 13 common words and phrases that you’ll actually hear in naturally spoken conversation, and we hope you enjoy using them confidently!

Listen to each audio clip to hear the pronunciation and usage of each phrase.

It Slipped my Mind

Notes: much more polite than “I forgot” and can be used in almost any situation, it totally slipped my mind, it completely slipped my mind

That Doesn’t Ring a Bell

Notes: That doesn’t make me remember anything, hmmm, doesn’t ring a bell… 

Lost my Train of Thought

Notes: usually mid-sentence or thought; informal: I spaced out, I blanked out

Jog Your Memory

Notes: spark your memory or help remind you of something; also, refresh your memory

It’s Been on My Mind

Notes: you’ve been thinking about it

It’s on the Tip of my Tongue

Notes: a word you can’t quite remember, but it feels very close to knowing it

Drawing a Blank (Here)

Notes: maybe you’ve given up on trying to remember or it’s not in your memory at all

I Don’t Recall

Notes: more formal way of saying “I don’t remember”

I Got Nothing

Notes: very informal way of something “I don’t remember”

If I remember right/correctly

Notes: could use this if you aren’t completely sure about something

If Memory Serves (Me)

Notes: a little more old-fashioned, might see more often in writing

Get it Down Pat

Notes: memorize or learn something perfectly

In One Ear and Out the Other

Notes: when someone tells you something and you forget immediately, can sometimes be used when the topic is too difficult to understand, so it’s hard to remember or think straight

What have you forgotten lately? Let us know by using the new vocabulary below!


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