Online English Video Lesson: 30 Terms and Phrasal Verbs for Technology

Phrasal Verbs for Technology

Free Advanced English Video Lesson:
30 Phrasal Verbs for Technology

Hi guys! Kat here from High Level Listening, I’ve got another set for you this week, and this time it’s vocabulary and phrasal verbs for technology. Now there’s a ton of vocabulary out there, and most of these phrasal verbs also have a noun form that we can use as well, so that’s why there’s so much vocabulary in this video. Don’t forget, you can get the entire transcript of what I say in the video down below.

Now this video is for advanced students, and through this entire video, I speak in a completely natural, conversational tone, and if it sounds really fast, it’s because it’s completely natural, and it’s really good to practice listening to naturally spoken English if you want to move to an English speaking country or if you want to understand North Americans when we speak! If you’re having some trouble following along, I’ve got scripts that you can download in the link below. So let’s get started:

Check out our Free Phrasal Verb Worksheets, plus get the Transcript for the entire video, an audio download of the entire English lesson, AND get all the slides in the presentation for ESL teachers who want to teach the Phrasal Verbs for Technology lesson on their own in their own classroom!

And of course, if you have any questions or comments, please let me know below in the comments, have a wonderful week!

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