11 Common English Expressions on Sadness

Common English Expressions on Sadness

Welcome to our Daily English Listening Practice with this week’s series:

11 Common English Expressions
on Sadness

Today we talk about Common English Expressions on Sadness. We include 11 common words and phrases that you’ll actually hear, and we’ll show you which common textbook phrases are boring and overused.

Feeling Down

Notes: not incredibly sad, “just a little down”

Feeling Off

Notes: not incredibly sad, just “having an off day”

Cry your Eyes Out

Notes: a bit melodramatic, used to emphasize that a show or film made you cry or touched you, not really used in serious situations


Notes: a mix of crying and screaming or loud noises, very intense crying, also, bawling your eyes out

My Heart Sank

Notes: my heart, just, sank. I was heartbroken.


Notes: crying with deep breaths


Notes: if you’re in a new place or country, you might be missing home and are homesick

That’s Disgusting / Upsetting / Horrible / Terrible

Notes: these are very passionate responses to hearing bad news

Sorry to Hear That

Notes: this is a polite response, pretty formal, you may or may not care very much.

Tough luck

Notes: can be used softly in a polite way, but it’s usually used in a rude or sarcastic way, in a rude way: tough sh*t

Sorry not Sorry

Notes: #sorrynotsorry


Tired of old, overused cliches in English?

Sometimes you read phrases in textbooks that are really overused in the English language.
We found these 6 ESL textbook phrases that we are so tired of hearing!

Down in the Mouth
Down in the dumps – shorten it to down instead
Case of the Mondays – please don’t say this unless you want to make someone mad
Face like a Wet Weekend – this was one of the top phrases in an ESL book, and we’ve never heard it before
The Blues
Gloomy – use to describe the outside weather, not yourself use moody if you’re feeling off or down or agitated

Not sure if a phrase is cliche or not? Ask away in the comments below!


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