11 Common English Expressions on Money

11 Common English Expressions on Money

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11 Common English Expressions
on Money

Surprisingly, we talk about it all the time, but we don’t often say the word “money” in English, here are 11 common English expressions on money that you can use very casually in daily English conversation.

Listen to the English audio clips for information and pronunciation.

I’ll get you next time

Notes: if you’ve ever forgotten your wallet, and your friend offered to pay for you and you would like to thank them, you can easily use this phrase

I got it / I got you / I got this round

Notes: literally: I’m going to pay for this; these are pretty casual phrases that can be used for paying for food or drinks or loaning people money.

Can you Spot Me?

Notes: Much more casual than “can I borrow some money?” If someone asks you to spot them, they want you to loan them some money.

I have no Cash on Me

Notes: maybe you’ve forgotten your wallet or some place only takes cash, this is a good phrase to use; “I have nothing on me” means I don’t have it in my possession 

Pick Up the Tab

Notes: If you pick up the tab, you are paying for the entire bill or check.

Wanna go Halves? Halfsies?

Notes: Used when you want to split something half and half or down the middle

Bucks / Dollars / Quid / Fiver / Tenner

Notes: pennies: 1 cent; nickels: 5 cents; dimes: 10 cents; quarters: 25 cents; a buck; 5 bucks
1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p; 1 pound coin: a quid; 2 pound coin: 2 quid (no ‘s’!) a fiver; a tenner

Do you need any Change? Keep the Change

Notes: Change can be loose coins, but it can also be the money leftover from paying your bill. The bill: $10.00, you paid $20.00 your change is $10.00.

Can you Break a.. 10? A 50?

Notes: Can you make change for this bill? Can you give me change back for a large bill?; Notes: UK; Bills: USA

Got any 1’s?

Notes: Have you got any…? Do you have any…? Very casually: Got any 1’s?


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