10 Common English Expressions on Insults and Feeling Uncomfortable

10 Common English Expressions on Insults and Feeling Uncomfortable

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10 Common English Expressions
on Insults and Feeling Uncomfortable

Sometimes people say the wrong thing and they insult you or make you uncomfortable; you can either be very direct or you can laugh it off. We give you 10 common English expressions on Insults and Feeling Uncomfortable that you can use casually in daily conversation or for being more direct when necessary.

Listen to the English audio clips for information and pronunciation.

Hit Too Close to Home

Notes: “Hit Too Close to Home” can make you feel uncomfortable; however, “It Hit Close to Home” can give you a personal connection with the speaker; also, “that really hit home”

Hit a Nerve

Notes: hitting a nerve is instantly realizing that something bothered or annoyed someone else; you can either apologize for hitting a nerve by saying “I didn’t mean it like that” or you can tease them a little about the topic

You’re Making Me Uncomfortable

Notes: very direct response, should only be used if the situation is truly uncomfortable for you and you want to leave or you want the person to stop doing something. Hearing this phrase, people around you will take you very seriously. Note the pronunciation: USA: un-cumf-terble UK: un-cumf-t’ble

That stings

Notes: that’s insulting; used when someone has been insulted by someone else, it’s a way to agree that something was insulting; saying “ouch, that stings” is also pretty common


Notes: very common slang when someone has made a really good insult; used sarcastically if the insult was terrible

Too Soon

Notes: Too Soon. Can be used alone to imply that a joke is too personal or that you’re still very sensitive about a situation.

Struck a Chord – It Resonated with me

Notes: not simply feeling uncomfortable, but it does make you stop and think

-Avoiding Insulting People-

I’m just Messing with you

Notes: very casual slang; used when joking with another person and the other person could be uncomfortable or insulted; also, very informally and NSFW Not Safe For Work I’m just f**king with you

Did you make someone upset at you? Great ways to apologize: I didn’t mean it like that; Sorry if it came out that way

I Wouldn’t Take it Personally

Notes: Giving advice for someone who feels insulted by another person;
I wouldn’t take it the wrong way; I wouldn’t take it personally: These sound more like friendly advice than a command
Don’t take it the Wrong Way; Don’t take it personally : These phrases are too direct and sound like commands; they can also sound rude

No Offense, but…

Notes: Used when you think you might say something that’s a little forward or direct; no offense but… I’m about to say something that you’re not going to want to hear; “no offense taken” is a good response to this if it’s not insulting at all.


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